Organize your exported Google Photos collection with this Python script because Google's Takeout is a mess if you want to move them

It was news we knew would eventually come. After offering free unlimited high-quality backups since 2015, Google Photos will begin counting storage for high-quality uploads against your Google Account beginning June 2, 2021.
Naturally, people have started to consider what they’ll do with their photo and video collection when the time comes. One option is to export your photos and go with an alternative service. You can use Google Takeout to download your entire library, but using that option may result in some headaches if you have a ton of photos and videos. That’s because, for whatever reason, Google chose to export photos separated by folders with .json files inside. But what if you just want to have a single folder containing all of your photos in chronological order, or if you want to organize all of your photos by month and year?

If all goes well, the electricity bill of the home server I am building will be lower than the combined bills of all cloud hosting parties I am using to store data and run VMs.

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At that point you start to look into profiling software when you have 51 instances of some dodgy micro-service running next to the hundreds or thousands of other pods.
Again, pets vs cattle.

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I have familiar with dtrace, having worked with it myself. And it works fine with when you have some big Solaris box running one or two big and chunky monolithic applications that required developer from time to time. Then you have a couple of 100 Kubernetes workers where you almost never need (nor want) to touch the host OS running the pods, let alone grant some developer SSH access for a process that might get restarted elsewhere.

@sir My days of doing remote hands are behind me, but I've touched a few systems back then. The worst part is when you've spent days 2 feet away from the exhaust of a rack of servers even your dreams begin to sound like server.

Nowadays everything is done remotely or "leverages the cloud", for me at least.

Not for the applications that need to be operated on scale. That's all stuff you want to have installed on your pets, but has no place when dealing with cattle.

@libre_adam Can't you take any of the free speech/shitposting instances? It might not be your crowd, but they should in theory keep you on. (Also loli, lots and lots of loli if that is your thing.)

keeps ruining my evening. I only want to install the v3.10.2 library, not an entirely different version (v1.0.4) of an entirely different library (stockfishy or something). How can I explain this to pip?

Ghost in the Shell
Full Metal Panic (Fumoffu)
Full Metal Alchemist
Made in Abyss
Cowboy Bebop
Desert Punk

(Just to name a few)

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Essentially this. I can more than recommend having some OOB solution to managed your servers one way or the other. It costs and extra dime when you purchase the hardware, but once up and running it is a life-safer.


Ik heb te weinig verstand van laptop en desktop processoren en doe te weinig in dat wereld om daar zo snel iets over te kunnen zeggen. (Ik heb nog allemaal oude hardware wat het nog doet)

Qua specs ziet het er wel goed uit en heeft het een goede prijs/kwaliteit verhouding. Er is verder niks nieuws hier; arm als een platform bestaat al jaren en heb je zat distros, het zit al jaren in mobieltjes. Laptop is een laptop. 🀷

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Afhankelijk van wat je zoekt kan je bijv voor een PineBook Pro ( of een Lenove Chromebook met ChromeOS.

It has been on my wishlist for a while now to create a chessbot for the fediverse in Python. All the components are there; mastodon/fediverse libraries, stockfish and a lib that generates images.

I have a deadline this Wednesday, once that is passed, its time to open Atom again and start scripting. πŸ™‚

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